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Doctor Who Returns to the US in December

Its been a long wait between new episoes this year but Doctor Who is back on BBC America starting on December 19th with the US pemiere of The Water of Mars. One week later we'll see part one of The End of Time which is the story culminating in the Doctor's regeneration into his Eleventh incarnation. The Eleventh Doctor then carries the seriesforward in 2011. Fans have been waiting anxiously for this and that wait is now finally over. The only question is, how will those fans react to the new Doctor and changes in the creative staff behind the show?

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted Motion Comic

8626849858 Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's Eisner award-winning take on Marvel's Mightiest Mutants comes to life with the help of comics legend Neal Adams in the ASTONISHING X-MEN motion comic, adapting the acclaimed "Gifted" storyline! In this first episode, Kitty Pryde returns to the Xavier Institute to find that much has changed in her absence, with former enemy Emma Frost running the school, Wolverine at Cyclops' throat and a brand new threat on the horizon!

Don't Pay Too Much for Comics

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